Relocating to Charlotte North Carolina? Moving 101

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Let us face it, a lot of people if not all, hates moving. While the change in scenery can be pretty exciting, moving to another place is usually always pretty expensive, frustrating and time-consuming. But there are a few and often overlooked ways to mitigate the pain points and cut relocation costs associated with the moving process.

Avoid crowds

A lot of people do not know that the start and end of each month are considered as the busiest time for most relocating companies, that is why people need to plan the move during the middle of the month if it is possible. Begging movers to squeeze you into their schedule on the last weekend of the month, is a bad idea and a recipe for disaster.

That is when their schedules are full and squeezing clients in, it might actually mean they will be getting their least experienced and least trained workers, showing up late and exhausted from three or four moves before the client’s schedule. Not only that, but people also need to know that summer season is one of the busiest times of the year for most movers, so if you have a short move, consider moving in the spring or fall as much as you can.

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This time is considered as the shoulder season for relocating firms. If you need to move in the summer, make sure to avoid major holidays like Labor Day or the Fourth of July. Since a lot of people get days off during these times, everyone will try to squeeze the move around these summer holidays.

Schedule dates that are best for the company

It may seem counterintuitive – because after all, customers are the one paying for the service, right? That is right, but people also need to pay for the services of mechanics. And yet, they always make sure that when they are scheduling appointments with shops, they need to ask the mechanics how long they will have to wait for the car.

People want to see mechanics when they are least busy, so the clients are not left waiting and felt they were getting their undivided attention. It is also true when hiring a moving company. People do not want to be left waiting, and they want the company’s crew giving them their full and undivided attention.

That it is better to follow their recommendation on when they can make the move. Clients should always jump on the earliest time possible to get the best workers, as well as their most timely service. For instance, a Charlotte moving company tells their client that they can conduct the move on a Thursday afternoon, but they prefer to do it Friday morning because their workers will be too exhausted to do the job Thursday afternoon. Whether the relocation is just a few miles outside Charlotte or on the other state, it will be best to do it the following morning to let the workers rest and provide clients the best quality service as possible.

Be careful of common scams

One of the easiest frauds or scams used on people that are moving during the summer is what experts call “The Hostage.” Moving firms, or usually just a group of strong people posing as relocating firms in the classified ads, offering their services at a very affordable price – cheaper than their competitors.

These “movers” will show up on the day of the move, load the prospected victim’s valuables in their truck, show up to the intended destination with a full and lock vehicle that only they have the right key to. The lead scammer will then demand a ridiculously vast amount of money on top of their relocating fee, usually, thousands of dollars for clients to get their belongings.

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If the customer or the victim does not pay their “service fee,” the scammers will drive off with the victim’s possessions. If the customer does pay, they will end up paying more compared to other firms in their area. If you have issues, avoiding this type of scams altogether is pretty simple. Just do not use their trucks. Instead, use a “hybrid” move by renting a truck from reputable firms, to be dropped in front of your home.

You can then hire a moving company to come to load it for you. Once the storage container or truck is moved to its intended location, hire a labor crew to unload your valuables. By using third-party transportation firms, or by driving the truck on your own, you will have total control over your things the entire time.