Peter Howe Michigan Talks on Skills Of An Effective Administrator

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As per Peter Howe Michigan , everyone has a general idea of what skills an effective administrator should have. People believe that being assertive is what is required to be an effective administrator. But these are just the surface qualities which can be gauged through interviews and tests but still it is observed that those same candidates fail to perform during the actual job. This means that there is a gap to be filled to become effective in every sense of the word. So lets map down the qualities which are needed to be an effective administrator:

  • Resourceful: Administrators need to grab opportunities which others may not even be able to see. For this technical and people skills are not necessary, what one needs to have is a clear idea of their goal and the steps needed to achieve it. In short, they need to be effective. So an effective administrator needs to be able to see the solution and this ability is called resourcefulness. But resourcefulness isn’t some inherent characteristic; it can be learnt by dealing with everyday situations in a manner which will resolve the problem in the best possible way. Resourceful administrators always seek to make every situation better.
  • Delegation: Delegation is an important administrative job since it depicts the ability to hand off tasks to people who are capable of doing it or maybe handing it off to people who are being tested to see if they can do a particular job. So to delegate effectively is the job of an administrator and its not about getting the job done but its about getting it done by the right people especially since the role of an administrator is seen as decision making and problem solving since employees will work less efficiently if they are given work which is ill suited for their capabilities.
  • Synergy: It is the ability to get more than what one expects from a collaboration. This skill is vital for an administrator as the ability to ensure synergy is rare. This is the next step to effective delegation since the flow of communication goes both ways rather than just one.
  • Technical skill: It is the specialized knowledge of a particular field or activity, regarding methods, techniques, and procedures. It is a concrete ability and is concerned with physical objects or processes.
  • Conceptual skill: It’s the ability to visualize the business or enterprise as a whole. Administrators need to understand how different departments interact with one another and how changes in one department affect the other. It allows an administrator to coordinate and integrate all the activities and duties of the organization towards a common goal.

Peter Howe Michigan says that an administrator is the one who bears the load of ensuring that the enterprise runs smoothly overall and as such it is important that a competent person is selected with all the above skills so that they can bear the responsibility of this position.