Increase Your Home’s Search Results for Real Estate Property in Katy TX

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If you want to maximize your return before people interested in buying a home start looking over your house, take advantage of a few of these inexpensive projects that will spruce up the curb appeal of the house and help it sell itself once they walk inside. Now when potential buyers search for real estate property Katy TX homes, your listing will jump off the pages with these simple improvements. 

Giving Rooms a Neutral Feel 

Just because you thought pink walls in the bedroom or green in the living room was a great idea at the time, someone interested in buying a home might cringe when they visit the house with their real estate agents. Don’t turn away a potential buyer who is focusing on cosmetic features rather than the structure of the, paint the rooms for next to nothing and get all those buyers on board. Quality interior paint runs around $30 per gallon, and it gives you the chance to create a neutral feel in the rooms that appeal to a wider audience. 

Now when these potential buyers are inside your home, they can easily imagine what their belongings will look like in each room. Depending on how many rooms need to be painted, the project should take a few days and will certainly help increase the value of the home. 

Transform the Kitchen Cabinets 

If you were to have your dated kitchen cabinets replaced, it could set you back several thousand dollars. There is a much cheaper way to get the job done and transform that popular space in your home. These potential buyers are going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen area, so you need to wow them when they are looking in your home. In order to maximize the value of the home while spending next to nothing, paint them with a modern neutral color. 

Take a ride to your local home center, they may have cabinet pulls and knobs being discontinued you could score for a fraction of the price. These modern cabinet fixtures give the room a fresh look. Even if you bought new, figure $10 a knob times all the cabinets. This little renovation will have a lasting impact on your buyers. 

Sprucing Up the Property 

Call a local pressure washing company or rent one yourself, it will be an investment that can drastically improve the curb appeal of the property. The pressure washing will remove mildew and dirt trapped on the siding, the walkways, the driveway, and the patio. The pressure washing can restore the fence and the house gutters too. If it is dirty, the pressure washing machine will give it new life instantly. While outside, have the lawn treated, trim all the bushes and hedges, and hire a crew to manicure all the trees on the property that are overgrown or hanging over the house. 

That sparkling clean exterior and improvements to the landscaping will attract more home buyers searching through neighborhoods for houses. According to a study conducted by recently, you could expect potential offers that are as high as 8 percent more than similar homes that made no home exterior improvements. 

Tackle the easy projects first, in no time you will see your return on investment grow right before your eyes.