Hotels vs Short lets – where to stay in London

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The wrangle between hotels and shot lets has been on since time memorial. This is because each field feels like it offers unique services putting it on top of the other. At the end of the day, it’s up to the travellers to decide which of the two best suits their needs. If you are planning to visit London, this is the first choice you will have to make. It is relatively clear that hotels in this city can be quite expensive and that is why some people usually opt for short lets. Below are some of the reasons why short lets might be the best option.

Short lets are good for your budget.
The first thing you need to ask yourself is how many of you will be travelling? If you find out that you will be a group of more than three people, then go ahead and book a short let. This is because vacation rentals are good when you are on a tight budget. You will end up finding a good home which you will be required to rent per night and not per person. This will is just the best way to ensure that you remain within your budget.

You get enhanced privacy.
Some people value privacy a lot. If you are that kind of person, short lets in London will prove to be very convenient. Getting the best short lets to rent will ensure that you end up with total privacy. You won’t have to worry about being disturbed by the hotel staff. You will also get to do what you want when you want to without anyone meddling in your business.

You get to have adequate space.
One thing about hotels is that you are guaranteed a small amount of space not unless you decide to go for the most expensive ones. Short rentals, on the other hand, come with space and comfort that you can never get in hotels. If you are travelling with a pet, you will have an added advantage since most short lets allow pets. You may even end up paying very little for a whole house with your compound making them the best option.

Cheap meals.
This is yet another important thing you will have to think of. Despite the fact that most hotels offer free breakfast, you will have to spend a lot of money eating out the rest of your meals. This means that in the dispute of hotels vs short rentals, the latter is the best choice. This is because in short rentals you get to have a kitchen where you can cook your meals. This means that you will not have to waste your money on hotels every time you want to eat.

From the above findings, it is evident that short rentals are the best option for those people who are travelling to London, but they lack an influx of cash. You get to spend less and still enjoy ample space, complete privacy as well as the luxury of preparing your meals.