Finding Your First Commercial Real Estate Office

Real Estate

Finding a commercial office space to lease is not as hard as it seems. All you need is a leasing agent, your business documentation, showing as an active business, and possibly proof of business income if asked. You will need money up front, and you will need enough money to pay your lease. If you’re new to whole leasing thing, talk to your agent and get them to walk you through all the clauses and discuss any concerns you may have with the lease you are preparing to sign. When you’re looking to lease a commercial office space the things you should consider are do you need visibility, do you need storage space, and your financial budget.


Depending on the type of business you conduct, you may want to be reached by clients. Some businesses depend on gaining new clients by having more of a retail setup with road frontage. Other offices that don’t really take walk-in clients might be fine with a name on the building directory and their office tucked away inside. Offices that might need visibility to generate more business include tax preparers, insurance companies and real estate offices. I know that some real estate offices may not be visible, so when I need office space I just contact my local leasing guy Thomas Mensendiek.

Storage Space

Sometimes we may be thinking we need office space, but we are not considering the products that we keep in the office. If your company does a lot of shipping and prep as well as office work, then you might need to look into what they call office/flex space. That’s basically office space up front and then there is warehouse space in the back. That way you have your storage needs and workspace area, as well as office space for your operations staff to work in. Let your agent know what your needs are, they will be able to recommend the best type of leasing space for you.

Financial Budget

Here is something that will be important to be up front with your leasing agent about. There will be a security deposit for you to move in the space and rent will be due right away. You want to make sure you are leasing a space that has reasonable lease terms and something you can afford. This information to contribute to the decision about what type of lease is best for you. Whether it is triple net, gross or modified gross. Your leasing agent will help you figure out which properties are best for your budget.


Your leasing agent will be there to assist you in answering the tough questions. The main thing for you to do is have an idea of what you need and what you can spend. Even if you have a startup, you will know how you expect to draw business, so you’ll know if you need visibility. You will know how your business plans to work and whether you will have products on hand, so that helps you answer the storage needs and finally, you should know what position your business is in financially the moment you open, so you know if you can really afford a lease and how much lease you can afford each month.