How Hiring a Real Estate Agent is the Smartest Way to Buy your Home


During these tough economic times, people are searching for ways to cut on costs in every way possible including during a home purchase. Who wouldn’t want to save the three percent commission during a home sale? This is what a buyer’s agent will make during a real estate transaction. While you can shop for your dream home without the help of a real estate agent, only an experienced real estate agent can match you with the ideal property you’re searching for.

Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent when Purchasing a House

Ethical Consideration

Real estate agents have a code of ethics that stipulates that all Realtors should deal with all parties during a transaction honestly. The code also obligates Realtors to put the clients’ interests above theirs. They are required to disclose any faults with a property and always be truthful when advertising.

Pricing Expertise

Experienced real estate agents can price a property immediately they enter the house. Having experience in a market will enable them to know how a neighborhood retains its value. Although you can go online and access information on a few sales of comparable houses, a real estate agent will know when a home is underpriced or overpriced. In most cases, a real estate agent will know what you want, and they won’t waste your time visiting properties that won’t work for you.

Can Request Repairs on your Behalf

The touchiest part of purchasing a property is requesting repairs. Your real estate agent will easily identify some troubles that your untrained eye won’t see, and also recommend a qualified and independent home inspector who can give a comprehensive report on any problems with the house. However, there may be major problems or not.

Help you Find Available Homes for Sale

Although most homes that are for sale are can be accessed by buyers on the internet, in some cases sellers don’t want to publicize that they are selling. In such cases, only the agent will know that the house is for sale. Working with a professional real estate agent Manlius NY will give you access to homes that you would have otherwise missed seeing.

Conduct Unemotional Negotiations on your Behalf

Although you consider yourself level-headed, when haggling with the seller over adding a pipe because water is draining on the floor, you may easily lose your cool. However, a professional agent will request objectively and save you the anxiety of getting emotional about the deal. Experts always advise home buyers to let agents take the heat during difficult negotiations.

If you’re planning to purchase your dream home soon, start by searching for a local real estate professional who can offer you sound advice and help you make confident decisions for you and your loved ones. An experienced real estate agent will help you throughout the sale process stepping in whenever there are financial problems and deal with the seller on your behalf.