4 Big Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors


When you’re designing a home with a beautiful view and a great outdoor area, there’s no reason not to take advantage of your surroundings. When it comes to choosing doors to connect your kitchen or living room area to your outdoor patio, there are tons of options you can pick from. However, if you’re looking for a door type that will help enhance your home’s look while letting in tons of natural light, sliding patio doors offer a significant advantage. Other door types can provide a functional way to get from one place to another, but only patio doors in virginia beach can give a homeowner that sense of bringing the beauty of the outdoors into the home. If you’re looking for a way to turn your patio into a paradise, here are a few reasons you should consider installing sliding patio doors for your next home improvement project.

1. More Natural Light

What home can’t benefit from a bit more natural light filtering in? One of the best parts about having an outdoor area is the access it gives homeowners to create a transitional space in the summer. You can leave your sliding doors open to give easy access between spaces and cool down the kitchen or living room area on especially hot nights. During parties or cookouts, having sliding doors is a perfect way to open up your home to wandering guests. Whether or not your first floor has great light to begin with, adding in sliding patio doors will help you create a more open, natural atmosphere, rather than a layout that leaves you straining for air and light. While it always helps to crack open a window or two in the spring and summer months to let the air in, opening your sliding doors can create an even breezier, more relaxed effect, especially for homeowners who love to spend the hotter months lazing around outside on deck chairs or having post-work cocktails on the patio. Sliding doors don’t just open up your space, they transform it. In colder months, place some larger plants or succulents by the window panel to create a makeshift terrarium that will keep you looking forward to warmer weather.

2. Compact Function

While other patio door types, such as swinging french doors or folding doors allow the same amount of outdoor access as sliding doors, they tend to be a bit bulky when opened. French doors open inward or outwardly, taking away space either from your interior or your patio, and folding doors can be clunky even after they’re folded up and pushed to the side. Sliding doors, however, give the feeling of being almost invisible. Since they don’t take up any space, sliding doors can have the effect of disappearing into the wall, opening up your home and created a more extended feeling. You can connect your indoor and outdoor spaces without worrying about people tripping over the borders or dealing with the racket of swinging doors during a windy day. Sliding patio doors are sleek, secure, and most importantly, silent, creating the perfect entryway for you and your guests during parties or nights in.

3. Year-Round Efficiency

You might at first imagine that installing a large mostly glass structure on the side of your home is going to wreak havoc on your home’s insulation. However, you’d be wrong. While most home windows should be weather-proofed and prepped before winter comes along, sliding patio doors are built with energy-efficient glass that helps protect your home from the inside out. The thick, UV-protective glass will keep your home from getting baked in the summer, and insulated frames will help your home stay heated consistently without any hot air escaping through the cracks. For added insulation, you can add heavy drapes during winter that will still give you enough sunlight while keeping things cozy and warm through the frostier weather.

4. A Breathtaking View

If you love being able to look outside from your kitchen or living room, you’ll love the effect of a sliding patio door on your first floor. Not only do these doors offer a more seamless function when opening onto the outdoors, because of their opening style they actually offer a fuller view. French swinging doors tend to have larger, bulkier frames, as well as folding doors. However, sliding doors are made of large panes of glass that allow you a completely unobstructed outlook onto the patio, the lawn, and the garden. If you want to take full advantage of your beautiful outdoor area from within the comfort of your home, sliding patio doors are the perfect answer.